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BlackPlanet is an African-American social network service for matchmaking and job postings; what’s more, it keeps discussion boards for conversation on governmental and personal problem

BlackPlanet was launched on Sep 1, 2001 by Omar Wasow, an online expert, just who in 2001 got working “ny Online”, a pre-web community he started in 1993 from his living room in Brooklyn. [2] It was the brainchild of Wasow and society Connect’s CEO Benjamin sunshine. Established in 1999, it was a member of family latecomer to social media sites, with three already around concentrating on individuals of tone. [2] Benjamin sunshine would start AsianAve and MiGente www.datingmentor.org/latinomeetup-review.com. [3]


The web site is operate by area Connect of New York area. Society Connect also operates AsianAvenue.com and MiGente.com [2] In April 2008, people Connect had been purchased for $38MM by broadcast One, a Lanham, MD-based mass media started by Cathy Hughes. [4] Along with BlackPlanet.com, MiGente.com and AsianAvenue.com had been also bought. This move had been used by broadcast One to diversify beyond radio to attain black readers. [5]

BlackPlanet’s wider mission should bolster the Black colored neighborhood. [2]


The preferred community forums were existing Events, history & identification, connections, Religion & Spirituality, and lady. [6] Wasow states BlackPlanet’s home-grown applications permits customers to go between individual pages, to dating, chat, and discussion boards, targeting connecting individuals, in the place of feeding all of them content. [2]


In January 2007, the membership sign on BlackPlanet’s home-page boasted 15.8 million users since its inception in 1999. [6] At time of purchase the website had about 20 million members and is the 4th most-visited U.S. social networking webpages. [7]

  • Male 34.4percent
  • Feminine 65.6per cent
  • Median Get Older: 32
  • Attended/Grad College: 64.5percent
  • Constitution Ebony: 88per cent

“BlackPlanet creates labeled visibility pages to integrate advertisers in to the social people, making it possible for members to engage as pals”; including private pages BlackPlanet in addition enables pages for brands, personalities, and products. [8]

In 2009, BlackPlanet introduced additional features into the web site, including a Facebook-style standing change, and an information bar that helps to keep consumers updated with information discussed on synergistic One and BlackPlanet. The chat purpose was also current in 2009; the present cam try run on a company known as Chat Blazer and is Flash dependent. [9]

In early 2010, BlackPlanet launched an innovative new website that integrated an action Feed, permitting customers observe news from people on BlackPlanet, either pals or by place. [10]

Other features

BlackPlanet has now launched two interactive video games for people, Farmandia and Fishdom.

BlackPlanet describes Farmandia the following: “Farmandia places you for the farmer’s seat. Expand your make, care for your own animals and create the barns. More you play, the more guidelines you’re compensated so you can maintain your farm running a business. Require a little help? Ask other BlackPlanet customers to lend a hand.” [11]

BlackPlanet talks of Fishdom thusly; “when you are finished hanging out regarding farm, seize your virtual fishing rod and check out Fishdom the place you’re in charge of giving your unique number of under water family. You much better make your own dollars because they get mighty hungry. You will never know whenever you’ll need to order even more snacks, accessorize your under water empire or give their fish some new company.” [11]

The parallels to fb’s Farmville haven’t missing unnoticed of the BlackPlanet users, exactly who explain the need for enhancement of the site’s system and main qualities instance talk before the introduction of video games. [11]

Cellular phone software

BlackPlanet in addition introduced cellular applications last year for mobiles. The application form BlackPlanetMobile got free if it was actually released but wasn’t special of mobile provider expense. [9] BlackPlanetMobile didn’t manage the BlackBerry, GPhone, new iphone 4, or Sidekick smart phones when released. [9]

BlackPlanet book Alerts are also available to alert users to changes and notifications. This is certainly an opt-in provider. [9]

Internet sites

It’s been claimed that online social networks attended to establish the present day online feel. [12]

BlackPlanet, as a precursor to facebook, has gone a way to influencing the net as people acknowledge it. Before present common channels allowed that “like” blogs, “poke” crushes, or “retweet” celebs, web-savvy African People in america were connecting on BlackPlanet. [12]

Wasow himself states” [12]

The guys who started Myspace were cited in Business times magazine saying that they looked over BlackPlanet as a design for Myspace and believed there is the opportunity to do a broad marketplace form of what BlackPlanet is.

At the time of Summer 2007, BlackPlanet had 16.5 million users and 80 million webpage views. It had been described as the greatest web news entity for African-Americans and “the granddaddy of social-networking web sites”. [13] BlackPlanet liked more than 6 million special visitors per month in April 2008. In 2007, BlackPlanet located itself become the 4th top social media software on the net, however with the vast escalation in fb, Twitter and MySpace practices, BlackPlanet fails to gain recognition when you look at the top 15 social media sites per eBizMBA, in March 2011, top critics to declare that ‘BlackPlanet has actually fallen into the wayside as various other sites have chosen to take the myspace and facebook mantle.’ [12]

BlackPlanet utilises different social networking technology such Twitter and Facebook so that you can achieve new and possible customers. The Twitter feed is up-to-date on a near day-to-day foundation, leaving comments and showcasing sights on the black area. Recent tweets include: “83percent of BP voters thought non-Black emcees should not make use of the #nword. exactly what do you think of that?” [14] and, “incorporate tips shared. Move from drab to fab in five minutes.” [14] The BlackPlanet Twitter feed normally always post announcements and posts to the BlackPlanet web site it self. Wider governmental issues may talked about, such as: “exactly what will you are doing #ifgovernmentshutsdown?” [14]

The BlackPlanet Facebook page is utilized to promote debate of issues both directly and indirectly relevant to their society of African-American customers. The fb updates up-date function can be used to ask questions to your page followers, and is really taken care of immediately typically. Issues have incorporated, “precisely what do you imagine of the idea of dark wedding time?”, [15] “What do you imagine men and women utilizing the term ‘ghetto’ whenever describing a thing that’s maybe not attractive?”, [15] and, “Men, ever pamper yourself with a gentleman’s face, manicure or pedicure? Ladies, exactly what do you imagine of men who take care of her body and nails?” [15]

Both social networking knowledge are accustomed to advertise the “Member of a single day” function, drawing attention to the appearance of the plumped for member. Associated a web link with the affiliate’s visibility was a quick review eg, “She’s breathtaking, she actually is single, she actually is all of our member of the day. Always check this lady out”, [14] and, “Nonetheless need evidence that we experience the prettiest customers on earth? You are welcome.” [14]

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